Arcola Ceramics since 1956

Arcola Ceramics S.L. is a company with more than 60 years’ worth of experience in the ceramic industry. Its principal line of production is the manufacture of  ceramic bisques and special pieces of all types: wet pressed, dry pressed, collage, manual and extrusion.

Founded in 1956 by Don Antonio Testón Sixto, his work was continued throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s by his sons Antonio and Alberto. Since the turn of the millennium and up to the present day, the third generation, grandson and son, Antonio Testón Cuesta, remains at the helm of this family firm, endeavouring to lead this longstanding company in the  difficult, but , at the same time, exciting ceramic  industry.

Today we maintain the same spirit we have always had, creating our products with a maximum degree of quality and collaborating with our customers in order to offer solutions and fulfil all their requirements

Etching of the first Arcola Ceramics factory by Antonio Testón

Etching of the first Arcola Ceramics factory by Antonio Testón

All our pieces are produced using environmentally friendly processes, with future generations in mind and respecting the natural cycle of materials.

We have the capacity to produce for any type of decoration, flat pieces, pieces with volume, glazed, cold colours, hand-painted, sponged, each and every one of the existing ceramic decoration techniques. In addition, we complement our production with works involving ceramic mosaic meshes and combined materials.

Arcola works with industry leaders such as  ADEX, BADIART,  DECORATIVA, TENDENCIAS CERÁMICAS, CERÁMICAS MAYOR, TRES ESTILOS and others, and with interior designers and architects in Spain. Our broad knowledge of the sector, together with our vast experience mean that we are equipped to use all types of raw materials: red, white, stoneware, porcelain and aluminium pastes, etc.

Our factory which occupies more than 1500 m2 spread over two floors, is equipped with a broad range of machinery amongst which the most important are the three wet presses, atomisation presses, several extrusion presses for different pastes,  kneader machine, glazing booths, discontinuous automated muffle kilns and several suction type sanders.

The versatility which our craftsmanship allows has enabled us to carry out restoration work on public and private buildings, with the necessity in each case to adapt to the strict demands of these different projects.

Some of the special work we have previously carried out includes: reproductions, restorations, specific works like those carried out for the designer and sculptor Miquel Navarro or special pieces like those created for the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia.

Scented Ceramics

In 2010 and after carrying out research into manipulating the porosity of ceramics,  Arcola Ceramics begins production of scented ceramic products.

This innovative technique, involving the manipulation of the porosity of the material, allows us to control the absorption of liquids from 1% to 30% and the rate of evaporation of the liquids through the ceramics, this being of prime importance in the porous ceramics destined for use in the perfume industry, which must guarantee a certain rate of evaporation of a scent depending on the type of perfume.

We are currently working with leading brands  from the high perfumery sector for the presentation of their perfumes and aromatic notes and also with companies from the world of air-freshening home fragrances.

Best practice for us means three basic elements: communication and involvement with the customer, a well-defined design for the work and a way of thinking that is always open to new ideas and new challenges.

Some Members of Our Team

Antonio Testón has been the Managing Director of Arcola Ceramics for the last 20 years. The son and grandson of the previous MDs, he has been able to adapt the philosophy of a family company geared towards a very traditional sector to a new era, allowing it to continue in the sector for many years to come. Antonio graduated in Commercial Management and Marketing at ESIC.

Barbara Gozzini has played a fundamental role in the  international expansion that Arcola Ceramics has experienced in its  commercial interests  in recent years. Her training in commerce and public relations and her fluency in the four most important languages in Europe, have enabled the company to establish links with the leading perfume companies in the EU.

Antonio Testón

Barbara Gozzini