Ceramic Border Tile & Special Tile

In the world of ceramics, the special piece is that which, due to the complexity involved in its execution , cannot be produced by the majority of producers of construction materials. These are pieces with relief, flush corner fittings, inside corner trims, pieces for changes of surface, special mouldings, multi-piece meshes and also include specific decoration pieces

At Arcola we have 25 years of experience working in this sector enabling us to produce special pieces of every type, as demonstrated by some of the work we have produced such as: Special pieces for the Valencia City of Arts and Sciences, Ceramic pieces for Michelin-starred restaurants, and even replica replacement pieces for broken tiles as part of the restoration of historic buildings.

Product Types

Dry Pressed Ware

The dry press process (5-7% humidity) is the predominant process for the production of ceramic pieces. It is carried out using a hydraulic press. This process for creating ceramic pieces is achieved by applying mechanical compression to atomised ceramic powder in the mould and is one of the processes used in the production of regular shaped ceramic tiles.

Wet Pressed Ware

This is a more traditional hand-crafted pressing method where the raw material comes in the form of a paste with a humidity level of between 20 and 25%. We use our own workshop to produce this type of moulding.


Basically shaping a piece by extrusion consists of passing a column of paste, in a state of plasticity, through a die, producing a constant tile cross-section.

The equipment is made up of four main  parts: the ram system, the die, the vacuum and the cutter. The most common ramming system is the screw system.

Coloured sand mortar

This process is similar to the dry pressing process but it is carried out using special materials which contain pigments which give colour to the finished piece.


Corner tiles and trims

Special pieces adapted for tiling in corners and where there is a variation in level.

Mosaic and Glazed tiles

Special tiles made up of several ceramic pieces , normally glazed  and mounted on a mesh which facilitates their laying by tiled surface professionals.