Today we present you one of the latest projects of Cerámicas Arcola, as always, in collaboration with leading brands in the market. On this occasion, the German company Beiersdorf has relied on our technique and design for the creation of a fragrance ceramic tablet, based on the fragrance of two of the products of one of its main brands: Nivea.

The idea was to create a tablet with the aromas of ‘Nivea Creme’ and ‘Nivea Sun’ as an air freshener for wardrobes and with distribution throughout Europe, maintaining the design that has made this brand a benchmark in skin care since More than 100 years.

The fragrance of Nivea (‘The aroma of all life’) has hardly changed over the years, being its ‘perfume notes’ to this day, the main distinctive sign of the brand.

Citrus notes of orange, lemon and bergamot in a first impression, which give way in the following minutes to shades of pink, lilac, lavender and lily of the valley, to finish with notes that are late in being perceived, and that mark the essence And the real character of a perfume, such as the discrete combination of musk, heliotrope and amber in the case of Nivea aroma.

Again, a prestigious brand that relies on the combination of the artistic, the technical, the professional and the craftsmanship as the characteristics that define each day and for years the work of Cerámicas Arcola.