‘Sparkling, sensual and shameless’, this is ‘Scandal’, the new perfume for women created by Jean Paul Gaultier, L’enfant Terrible of fashion and marketed by Casa Puig, which once again chose Ceramics Arcola as an ally in the launch of this new fragrance.

On this occasion, the order consisted of the manufacture of 35,000 tablets and their perfuming with ‘Scandal’, together with the manipulation of the loops that accompany each tablet and the transparent envelopes and sachettes in which they are presented.

A new piece of perfumed ceramics, engraved with the ‘leit motiv’ of the new perfume, whose use is destined once again to aromatize the favorite corners, with a fragrance that combines gardenia, orange, honey and patchouli.

Delighted to continue working for leading brands that trust our firm to give their customers with the most exclusive and innovative products. And happy to be able to inform you about it!.