If our Perfumed Ceramic line is characterized by something, it is because each of the pieces we produce, becomes part of the communication strategy of prestigious brands of luxury items, which choose us for the quality and exclusivity of our product.

And this is one of the reasons that some weeks ago, led us to participate in the Luxe Pack Monaco, the annual meeting specialized in international packaging design in the luxury goods sector, which brings together markets as different as jewelry or manufacture of watches, perfumery and cosmetics, or wines and gastronomy.

Ceramics Arcola was present at this fair that took place in the Grimaldi Forum, at the beginning of last October, and that only allows the participation of outstanding specialists in in merchandising and promotional items for luxury products, with some of our most significant and exclusive productions in what packaging refers to.

We continue to grow, learning and positioning ourselves as one of the Spanish brands of reference in perfumed ceramics.