At the 190th anniversary of the Maison, Guerlain launches its new perfume, ‘Mon Guerlain’, as a tribute to contemporary femininity. A strong, free and sensual femininity, which is embodied in a fragrance created under the signature of Thierry Wasser, fifth perfumer of Casa Guerlain, who describes himself as’ a feminist man who adores the femininity of women who adopt several roles and fight from all of them for a better world, a very masculine world. The worker, the mistress, the mother, the woman committed to all types of businesses from the family to an NGO. That bright woman, generous, strong, fighter… ‘.

And it is precisely that woman who, according to the firm, represents Angelina Jolie, ambassador chosen by the brand to lend her image to ‘Mon Guerlain’, through an advertising campaign centered on a video entitled ‘Notes of Woman’, which shows a free and sensual woman, but also strong and committed.

Women’s notes that, once again, Cerámica Arcola has been able to capture, designing a new creation in perfumed ceramics, which serves as a gift that accompanies the 100ml container of the new perfume ‘Mon Guerlain’.

A new design to perfume any corner, which is born thanks to the confidence once again deposited in Ceramics Arcola, by one of the most prestigious brands in the sector, by requesting the order of 200,000 pills impregnated with this new Guerlain fragrance.