Ceramic Tablets

The ceramic tablet is the most suitable format for presentation of samples, both for promotional purposes or merchandising, and for use as a fragrance dispenser. It can be produced in any shape and form.

Ceramic Testers

Ceramic testers are ceramic pieces enamelled all over their surface except the underside. This is maintained with the porous texture of the ceramic material to bring it into contact with the fragrance. Its function is the tester or tester of the fragrances. Its shape and position facilitate its manipulation and maintain the perfume for a longer time by avoiding its evaporation.

Ceramic Blotters

The Blotters or Mouilettes are fragrance testers which are used for providing samples of the product in comercial situations. The ceramic blotter lasts longer than its paper equivalent, allowing for repeated use while correctly preserving all the qualities of the perfume.


The caps are used to top scented candle containers.

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